Get a Quote

Get a quote for your dumpster rentals at any time during the week by either filling out the form or giving us a call at our main scheduling hub. When filling out the form, you will only need to provide your name, email, city, and county location. This will help us determine if you are inside our delivery range, as well as any delivery fees that might be added to the cost. Our flat rates apply to most areas within the city of Corpus Christi, but some locations within our service area will cost more based on their distance from our hub. We will let you know if there are any such fees included in your quoted price.

What Dumpster Quotes Include?

Each quote contains the total cost of a dumpster rental, or dumpster rentals, as the case may be. The total price tag reflects the cost of disposal, delivery, pickup, labor, and fuel consumption. The bulk of the cost is tied with the cost of disposing of the debris at a landfill or other disposal facility. Each of these facilities charges different rates for disposal based on demand. In some states, you’ll find landfills charging close to $100 per ton due to shortages in landfill space. Fortunately, that’s not the case in good ol’ Texas.

How to Rent a Dumpster?

All you really need to rent a dumpster is a big enough area to take the delivery of one. Well, that coupled with the cash to pay for it. But those are really the only requirements for renting a dumpster. Of course, you also need to have a project in mind before you rent your dumpster. After all, what’s the point of renting a big bin if you’ve got nothing to put in it? I mean, I guess you could use it for other things, like making a fort or an emergency life raft just in case it starts flooding (Disclaimer: Dumpsters not guaranteed to be buoyant or sea-worthy).

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Get a flat rate for every dumpster you need at a price that is just right
  • Deliveries and pickups can be scheduled at your convenience
  • Not finished with your project? We can empty and return your dumpster upon request
  • Dispose of 2-4 tons easily and conveniently

When Should I Call in to Order?

You can call in to order your dumpster at any time during the week during normal business hours. Our service center is open from 7am to 6pm local time. You can call us up at any time during the week during those hours and get everything taken care of all at once. If you need to schedule a delivery by a certain date, be sure to call in at least two days in advance. This will allow us to secure the dumpster and get it added to the delivery schedule before the date you will need it. If there is any chance that you will need a new dumpster after finishing your project, just give us a call and we’ll be able to help you and your crew out.